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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By April Gocha / September 6, 2017

Graphene gets closer to transistor applications, insect eyes inspire new perovskite solar cell design, and other materials stories that may be of interest for September 6, 2017.

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Next-gen battery collaboration to develop ‘beyond lithium-ion space’ in space

By Jessica McMathis / March 26, 2014

A partnership between the Department of Energy’s Joint Center for Energy Storage Research and NASA Glenn Research Center spells good things for batteries, which are poised to receive a double-dose of expertise from two of the country’s top research entities.

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Plug pulled on Firefly Energy, carbon foam battery design

By / March 17, 2010

There was a time when some people thought foam carbon composites technology would give lead-acid chemistry a new lease on life in a world of hybrid and hybrid-electric vehicles. The great hope was the carbon foam batteries could deliver enough energy density to make the transition, and Firefly Energy was going to lead the way.…

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