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Making ferroelectric nanorocks with an atomic force microscope hammer

By Eileen De Guire / February 7, 2012

Ferroelectric lead titanate nanodots were shattered using an atomic force microscope tip to make nanodots less than 10 nm diameter. Credit: Son and Jung, JACerS; Wiley. Jim O’Neil, a fellow graduate student a good while ago, liked to say, “Ceramic engineering is all about making big rocks into little rocks, and then making little rocks into…

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Table-top particle accelerators & long-lived data storage from nanostructured glass

By / August 19, 2011

Optical vortex generated using a radial polarization converter. Credit: Altechna; Kazansky et al., University of Southampton. Back in May, University of Southampton researchers published a short paper in Applied Physics Letters regarding how they used novel microscopy-based optical polarization techniques to turn nanostructured silica glass into a new type of relatively inexpensive, data-dense, stable computer memory. Now,…

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Oxide electronics: Zinc oxide nanostructured LEDs and tantalum oxide nonvolatile memories

By Eileen De Guire / July 18, 2011

Zinc oxide nanostructures are synthesized in parallel microfluidic channels (held by the metal frame) by flowing reactants through the tubing. The microfluidic structure creates the device and also becomes the final packaged functional LED device. Photo: Jaebum Joo; MITnews Just when I thought I could stroll back into the macro world, two new papers were…

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