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Remote sensing technique diagnoses damage in irradiated materials at a distance

By April Gocha / June 15, 2017

MIT scientists recently reported that a novel laser-based spectroscopy technique can sensitively detect small imperfections in materials, opening new possibilities for monitoring irradiated materials in place in real time.

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Disorderly conduct: Simulations reveal irradiated materials are surprisingly disordered, question safety of vitrified nuclear waste

By April Gocha / June 8, 2017

New atomistic simulations by researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles and Oak Ridge National Lab are revealing that irradiated materials are even more disordered that previously thought—calling into question the safety of vitrified nuclear waste.

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$38M in DOE Nuclear Energy University Program awards for materials, science, math and systems R&D

By / May 20, 2010

Today, the DOE announced $38 million in new Nuclear Energy University Programs awards going to 42 university-led R&D projects for awards totaling $38 million. The projects cover four subject areas: Fuel Cycle R&D ($11.8 million): Developing novel technology options that will improve used fuel storage, recycling and disposal options. Gen IV Reactor R&D ($19.9 million):…

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Apply for DOE nuclear scholarships, fellowships

By / March 13, 2010

Have an interest in nuclear-related studies and research? The DOE wants you! The agency has just announced that it is seeking applicants for $5 million worth of scholarships and fellowships as part of its efforts to recruit and train the next generation of nuclear scientists and engineers. This opportunity is open to any student enrolled…

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