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Business and materials news

By April Gocha / May 1, 2018

Automotive ceramics market projected to top two billion dollars within next five years, 3D printing electronics and cells directly on skin, new materials for sustainable low-cost batteries, and more business and materials news.

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Researcher taking a glass sample

Learn what glass researchers are doing in GOMD’s series of videos

By Faye Oney / March 24, 2017

Glass researchers are doing amazing things in the lab. Watch these videos submitted by ACerS Glass & Optical Materials Division members and learn how they’re making advances in the glass industry.

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Researcher taking a glass sample

Glass researchers: Show off your work in a short video!

By Faye Oney / March 22, 2017

Glass researchers: It’s time to brag about your work in a short video! ACerS Glass and Optical Materials Division is encouraging its members to create videos about the important research they’re doing.

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Glass & Optical Materials Division

By / April 8, 2014

Get Involved in the Glass & Optical Materials Division The Glass & Optical Materials Division of The American Ceramic Society focuses on the scientific research and development, application and manufacture of all types of glass, including fiber optics, the encapsulation of nuclear and hazardous wastes in glasses and the interaction of glass and ceramics in…

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On Mozart’s music and tuning optical properties of (oxy)nitrides with O/N ratio

By Eileen De Guire / April 2, 2013

The optical properties of (oxy)nitride materials are tunable by adjusting the oxygen to nitrogen ratio. This opens a broad array of application possibilities. Credit: Xie, et al.; JACerS; Wiley. When Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was 25 years old he wrote a theme and 12 variations piece called, “Ah, vous dirai-je Maman.” (The traditional French tune is…

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Photoblogging from St. Louis: GOMD opens with Stookey lecture, symposia, poster session and so much more

By Eileen De Guire / May 22, 2012

Over 300 attendees are here in St. Louis to attend the Glass and Optical Materials Division Annual Meeting. The meeting is organized into four symposia: Glass Science, Optical Materials & Devices, Crosscutting Topics and Festschrift to the Glass Research Career of Professor Delbert E. Day. The day opened with the GOMD’s Stookey Award and lecture,…

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[Speaker Nominations Due] International Congress on Ceramics (ICC4)

By / January 31, 2011
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ICC4 speaker noms due February 21, 2011

By / January 26, 2011

Join delegates in a global information exchange. Send nominations (speaker name, address, e-mail and topic) to icc4@ceramics.org by February 21, 2011.

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ICC4 speaker nominations due

By / January 25, 2011

Join delegates in a global information exchange. Send nominations including speaker name, address, e-mail and topic to icc4@ceramics.org by Feb. 21, 2011.

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GOMD 2011 registration is open

By / January 19, 2011

Join over 300 of your colleagues
at GOMD 2011 to discuss research and to share knowledge. Sign up today and save $125.

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