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Geek out with your own invisibility cloak built from just four optical lenses

By April Gocha / October 7, 2014

Scientists at the University of Rochester have devised a simple cloaking device that, although not quite as perfect as Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, does make significant improvements over existing real-world cloaks.

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Gorilla Glass is getting an upgrade, and so is your smartphone—to genius status

By April Gocha / July 1, 2014

Scientists at Corning Inc. and Polytechnique Montreal in Canada have debuted a new technology that will undoubtedly put see-through sensors right into the glass of your soon-to-be-smarter smartphone.

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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By Eileen De Guire / April 30, 2013

New LED streetlight design curbs light pollution Recent innovations in LEDs have improved the energy efficiency of streetlights, but, until now, their glow still wastefully radiated beyond the intended area. A team of researchers from Taiwan and Mexico has developed a new lighting system design that harnesses high-efficiency LEDs and ensures they shine only where…

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Aerogel has potential as tunable waveplate

By / June 22, 2009

A multinational team has published a paper that suggests aerogels could be used as tunable waveplates “in a broad spectral range.” Pradeep Bhupathi, Rodica M. Martin, Lukas Jaworski, David B. Tanner and Yoonseok Lee from the University of Florida (Gainesville, Fla.), Jungseek Hwang from the Pusan National University (Busan, Republic of Korea), Jackson Blankstein from…

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