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State science academy taps Subhash Singhal as its president-elect

By / October 2, 2012

Singhal. Credit: PNNL. Congratulations go out to ACerS Fellow and Battelle Fellow Emeritus Subhash C. Singhal, who has been selected to be the upcoming president of the Washington State Academy of Sciences. Singhal has been a leading researcher in the field of solid oxide fuel cells. Although he retired in 2011 as engineer and director of…

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‘Artificial diamonds’ to make fuel cells more affordable

By / May 14, 2010

The DOE Pulse reported that, using specialized cubic zirconia, scientists from Nanjing Normal University in China and Pacific Northwest National Lab created a membrane that could drop the temperature inside solid oxide fuel cells. Lowering the temperature means these cells could be built from less expensive materials. Currently, the temperature inside SOFCs is about 1,000°C.…

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PNNL charged to transform large-scale energy storage

By / April 30, 2010

According to a Pacific Northwest National Lab press release, a team of researchers at PNNL and EaglePicher Technologies is developing a large-scale battery that could enable the widespread use of renewable energy sources by providing grid-scale energy storage. The work is part of an ARPA-E grant awarded to EaglePicher Technologies, a battery developer. Researchers argue…

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Jeff Stevenson on solid oxide fuel cells

By / March 18, 2010

Jeff Stevenson is a Laboratory Fellow in the Energy Materials Group at the Pacific Northwest National Lab, and has been working on SOFCs for more than a decade.

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Could Lithium-ion batteries eventually use titanium dioxide?

By / September 29, 2009

I don’t know much about this other than what was posted at PNNL’s website last week, but I hope to see something published on this soon: Researchers would like to develop lithium-ion batteries using titanium dioxide, an inexpensive material. But titanium dioxide on its own doesn’t perform well enough to replace the expensive, rare-earth metals…

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DOE allocates another $327M to labs, schools

By / August 5, 2009

In its final round of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act-based awards, the DOE says it is going to provide money for science research projects at 10 federal labs and schools. For the record, this latest announcement brings the total amount of ARRA funding coming out of the DOE to $1.6 billion, all that Congress set…

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