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UIUC group: Can unleashed spores heal concrete cracks?

By / January 25, 2012

A bacteria-induced mineral deposit. Credit: Paramita Mondal. Concrete is tough, but whether its a sidewalk, driveway, roadway or a structural part of a building, the material is subjected to many temperature, chemical and mechanical stresses. Over time, these stresses induce microscopic cracks and fissures that can grow in length and depth. By the time they…

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Cements division announces officers, fellows, Brunauer Award and posters winner

By / July 26, 2011

Above, Vanderbilt’s Catherine Gay presented the talk “Dispersion of CNFs in Cement Composites” at the recent 2nd Advances in Cement-based Materials meeting organized by ACerS Cements Division and ACBM. Credit: P. Wray, ACerS. Monday was a busy day at the Cements Division meeting, hosted by Vandy’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, with lots of…

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