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Pb-free ceramics

Giant electric field-induced strains in lead-free ceramics

By April Gocha / December 3, 2015

An Iowa State University research team led by Xiaoli Tan recently discovered that Sr and Nb co-doped polycrystalline ceramics can generate the highest reported electrostrain value to date in any lead-free polycrystalline ceramic and represents a 50% improvement over previous results.

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KNBT promising as lead-free substitute for PZT in piezo applications

By / October 8, 2010

Crystal structure of KNBT after the application of an electric field. The purple spheres are either sodium or potassium atoms, the red spheres are oxygen atoms, the small blue sphere is titanium. The figure shows the arrangement of the atoms changed into tetragonal symmetry, where the a and b axes are of the same length…

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