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By Eileen De Guire / April 16, 2013

Roll-to-roll coating of electrodes at Fraunhofer IWS: The scientists now have optimized the design of anode and cathode for lithium-sulfur batteries. Credit: Jürgen Leibmann. A longer life for lithium-sulfur batteries There are currently over 40 million cars on Germany’s roads. Only a fraction of them are powered by electric energy—around 6,400 vehicles. The comparatively short…

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Incandescent bulbs, take 2

By / July 17, 2009

With a hat tip to Gizmag, I want to point out that the New York Times has a recent story about efforts to enhance the efficiencies of incandescent light bulbs and rehab the image of these old workhorses. The story discusses a line of incandescents from Philips Lighting called “Halogena Energy Savers” and the work…

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