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Ditch the specs: A clearer future could be in view thanks to ‘smarter’ lens

By Stephanie Liverani / October 28, 2015

Smarter alternatives to improving how we augment our eyesight could be in view. A researcher at the University of Leeds in the U.K. is working on a “new eye lens, made from the same material found in smartphone and TV screens, which could restore long-sightedness in older people,” according to a recent University of Leeds article.

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Smarter materials for windows lead to innovations in energy efficiency

By Stephanie Liverani / July 24, 2015

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin are developing materials that allow windows to let light pass through without transferring heat and, on the flip side, to block out light while allowing heat transmission.

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Burgeoning smart-glass product market predicted

By / May 29, 2012

BCC Research predicts strong growth for smart-glass products over the next five years. Credit: BCC Research. Apparently some business researchers believe the demand for smart-glass products in the construction industry is poised to soar. Undoubtedly, smart glass—think photochromic and electrochromic glass, windows and curtain walls—has a big future because of potential energy savings and also…

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