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Highly conductive, undoped oxide film will help solar cells harness more sunlight

By Jessica McMathis / March 5, 2015

Researchers from the University of Luxembourg and Japanese electronics company TDK report that they’ve developed a conductive oxide film that boasts increased infrared transparency and creates a higher current.

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Video of the week: Solar panel production

By / March 24, 2010

[flash preview=force] Here at CTT we write a lot about solar panel production and implementation, but have you ever wondered how solar panels are actually manufactured? Yet another great episode of Science Channel’s How It’s Made shows exactly what goes into the manufacturing of photovoltaic panels. (FYI, tomorrow’s episode is about hot dogs. Tune…

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Aussies offer trough-focused PV/hot water system

By / March 16, 2010

Darren Quick over at Gizmodo reports on an interesting combined photovoltaic panel (with tracking) and water-heating system. According to Quick, the systems will be made by Technique Solar, an Australian company spunoff from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Each trough (see diagram above) has a lens that concentrates the sunlight on a strip of…

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