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piezo energy scavenging

UMich researchers closer to producing piezo-powered pacemaker

By / March 5, 2012

Power output of the nonlinear bistable energy harvester, conceived as a way to use heartbeats to power a pacemaker device . X-axis is the thickness of the piezoelectric layer. Credit Karami and Inman, Univ. of Mich.; Applied Physics Letters. A heart-powered pacemaker? Although the concept may seem novel, the goal of eliminating a pacemaker’s battery (and…

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Samsung testing energy-scavenging nanopiezo touch screen prototypes

By / May 13, 2010

A computer touch screen that powers itself? It may only be five years until your iPad has this. Technology Review reports that Samsung and Sungkyunkwan University (Korea) have teamed up to develop an energy-scavenging touchscreen piezoelectric system that uses nanorods sandwiched between pieces of plastic film  coated with a graphene electrode layer to create a…

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