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piezoelectric transducer

L. Eric Cross (1923–2016) discoveries led to piezoelectric transducers for modern medical ultrasound

By Eileen De Guire / January 3, 2017

ACerS Fellow and Distinguished Life Member Leslie Eric Cross (1923–2016) passed away peacefully on December 29, 2016. His work on piezoelectric transducers led to development of today’s medical ultrasound technology.

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Video: Piezoelectric power—GE and ORNL pioneering appliance efficiency with ultrasonic clothes dryer

By April Gocha / August 17, 2016

GE Appliances (Louisville, Ky.) and Oak Ridge National Lab (Oak Ridge, Tenn.) together are developing the next generation of laundry appliance that can dry in half the time and use 70% less energy than your current clothes dryer.

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