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Ceramics and glass business news of the week

By / April 13, 2012

This is what we are hearing: Corning buys Discovery Labware for $730M Corning Inc., an American manufacturer of glass, ceramics and related materials for primarily industrial and scientific applications, has reached a deal with Becton, Dickinson and Co. to acquire the majority of its Billerica-based Discovery Labware unit for nearly $730 million in cash. “The…

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Ceramics (MEMS) gets fingered

By / March 26, 2009

Apparently ceramics innovations can keep you on your toes – and keep track of your fingers. Florida-based Sonavation Inc. recently announced what they claim to be “the biometrics industry’s thinnest, most durable and highly accurate fingerprint sensor for the wireless and smartcard markets.” The sensor, dubbed the SonicSlide STS3000 (not to be confused with the…

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Energy harvesting radio-based detection system unveiled

By / December 19, 2008

Kansas State University and Peregrine Semiconductors are demonstrating a battery-free technology that could improve embedded multi-sensor systems such as those that might be used to detect deterioration in busy bridge. “This type of radio technology may exist in your house, for instance if you have a temperature sensor outside that radios data to a display…

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Energy ‘harvesting,’ structure monitoring confab at Virginia Tech

By / November 15, 2008

Virginia Tech’s Center for Energy Harvesting Materials and Systems is hosting its 4th Annual Energy Harvesting Workshop Jan 28-29 in Blacksburg, VA. Energy harvesting refers to efforts to tap unused power from industrial machines, human activity, vehicles, vibrating structures and various other environment sources. Workshop organizers say the events bring together leading industries, national labs,…

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Embedding electrical components in cast metals

By / October 13, 2008

Smart parts – parts that can track themselves and predict their own breakdown – may soon be possible thanks to new ceramic materials and cast-metal manufacturing methods being developed at the Fraunhofer Institute in Bremen, Germany. According to an Institute press release, Fraunhofer scientists are developing a way to make light-metal parts “intelligent” by embedding electrical components…

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