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Move over, ceramics: New materials combine flexibility and ferroelectricity

By April Gocha / February 7, 2017

Scientists at Argonne National Laboratory in collaboration with researchers at Northwestern University have discovered that some organic ferroelectric materials are composed of crystal planes that atomically slide past one another, providing them with flexibility.

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Forming new insights: Glass avalanches help explain phenomenon behind energy-saving technique

By April Gocha / August 30, 2016

Lehigh University scientists have recently gained some important insight into how glass reacts to electric field-induced softening through thermo-electro poling experiments with another research group in Germany.

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Layered perovskites surprise scientists with disappearing polarity under strain

By April Gocha / July 28, 2016

A team of scientists at Northwestern University has discovered that some ferroelectric materials are hiding a surprise. Layered perovskites don’t conform to conventional wisdom—instead, these materials completely turn off polarization if enough strain is applied to them.

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Metamaterial silicon polarizers may provide brighter displays with less energy drain

By April Gocha / December 4, 2014

Researchers at the University of Utah have designed a new metamaterial polarizer that redirects, rather than blocks, incident light waves—a development that has potential to make future devices much more energy-efficient.

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