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Big data offers bigger potential to bolster manufacturing efficiency and productivity

By April Gocha / December 2, 2016

While big data has a familiar role in research, that’s not the only place for potential—because analysis of big data offers the ability to comprehensively assess many nuanced variables at once, it’s particularly well suited for complex processes such as manufacturing.

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Monitoring faults in industrial machines—an ultrasonic sensor to maximize efficiency

By April Gocha / March 14, 2014

European researchers have developed a new ultrasonic sensor that can detect faults in industrial machines to prevent machine breakdown and failure, and ultimately improve efficiency.

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Greater gender equity, integration could spur greater productivity, innovation

By Jessica McMathis / March 7, 2014

New research from Penn State’s School of Business suggests that when it comes to the workplace, the expertise of women working in the science and engineering fields is often underutilized.

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