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Perovskite oxides: Group demonstrates technique for engineering ‘perfect’ heterointerfaces

By / November 20, 2012

Schematic of the structure of a typical lanthanum aluminate-strontium titanate interface, left, and the abrupt, sharp interface obtained through an atomic layer engineering method developed at ORNL. Credit: Choi et al.; Advanced Materials. Oak Ridge National Lab researcher Ho Nyung Lee has studied complex-oxide thin films for over a decade, and during this time he particularly has…

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Video of the week – LANL’s high-temperature superconducting tape

By / October 7, 2009

Los Alamos National Lab has been working to develop high-volume production processes for making a thin, flexible tape that operates as a superconductor at liquid hydrogen nitrogen temperatures and can carry 3 million amps per cm2. This video crams a lot of information into one brief video, with quick shots of each stage of the…

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One BAM good nanocoating!

By / December 5, 2008

(Also – see BAM Update here.) What’s almost as hard as diamond, slicker than Teflon and “green” enough to reduce the United States’ industrial energy consumption by trillions of BTUs a year? The answer is BAM – a ceramic alloy created by combining a mix of boron, aluminum and magnesium with titanium diboride. The world’s…

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