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Ceramic materials, glut of silicon cells drive global solar markets

By Jim Destefani / August 13, 2013

Located in Northern New Mexico, the Cimarron solar facility uses 490,000 ground mounted Cd-Te thin-film solar cells from First Solar to produce up to 30 MW of power. (Credit: First Solar.) Driven by dramatically decreasing hardware costs, the installed cost of solar photovoltaic systems fell in 2012 and through the first half of this year,…

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Oxide nanolayers make colorful solar panels

By Jim Destefani / July 22, 2013

Artist’s rendering shows how the Fraunhofer IAO building in Stuttgart, Germany could be fitted with a colorful solar façade. Credit: Fraunhofer IOF. Until now, covering a building’s roof or façade with standard solar photovoltaic cells would change the structure’s appearance—and not always for the better. Current cell arrays are black or gray, colors governed simply…

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Optimizing coevaporation processes for CIGS PV cells

By Jim Destefani / July 8, 2013

Polycrystalline film growth during coevaporation in real time using in situ X-ray diffraction and fluorescence analysis. Credit: R. Mainz, C.Kaufmann/HZB. Photovoltaic cells based on thin films of copper indium gallium selenide are among the most promising and efficient PV technologies, and coevaporation is a common technique used for CIGS cell fabrication. The process involves simultaneous…

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