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Newly appreciated liquid-like properties of ‘old’ Se-Cu ceramic material provide nice thermoelectric jolt

By / March 26, 2012

“Liquid-like” thermoelectrics: The blue spheres represent selenium atoms forming a crystal lattice. The orange regions in between represent the copper atoms that flow through the crystal structure like a liquid. This liquid-like behavior is what gives the selenium-copper material its unique thermoelectric properties. Credit: Jeff Snyder and Lance Hayashida, Caltech. The April 2012 issue of the ACerS Bulletin (just posted…

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‘Promising’ lightweight, multiwalled carbon nanotube aerogel debuts

By / January 14, 2011

SEM images showing the morphology and structure of MWCNT aerogels. (a) & (d)  Surface morphology indicating a “honeycomb”  structure, (b) & (e) porous honeycomb wall of aerogel, (c) vertical section image of MWCNT aerogel showing straight and parallel channels. (Credit: ACS Nano.) A new development has been announced in the world of aerogel. ACS Nano…

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