radiation hardening

Other materials science stories that may be of interest

By / June 26, 2012

Check ‘ em out: Bringing down the cost of fuel cells Engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee have identified a catalyst that provides the same level of efficiency in microbial fuel cells as the currently used platinum catalyst, but at 5% of the cost. Since more than 60% of the investment in making microbial fuel…

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Defense agency soliciting proposals for materials research for countering WMDs

By / August 9, 2011

Credit: DTRA. We received the following from the DOD Basic and Applied Sciences Directorate, Defense Threat Reduction Agency: DTRA’s mission is to safeguard America and its allies from Weapons of Mass Destruction. The university-centric DTRA Basic Research Program supports basic science research within five Thrust Areas of relevance to DTRA, an essential ingredient of which is…

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