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3-D printed ceramic implants could someday replace bone graft technology

By Faye Oney / August 14, 2018

In a new study, researchers have demonstrated a method of regenerating bone using 3-D printed ceramic scaffolds. This technique could possibly replace traditional bone grafts and help those with bone injuries or deformities.

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Live from Ceramics Expo 2017—Photos from Cleveland, Ohio

By Faye Oney / April 26, 2017

Ceramics Expo 2017 kicked off day 2 of the world’s largest annual free-to-attend expo for the advanced ceramic and glass community Wednesday morning at the I-X Center, in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Killer silicon nitride: Bioceramic slaughters bacteria, could now help fight gum disease

By April Gocha / May 9, 2016

According to the American Chemical Society, silicon nitride’s super antibacterial abilities may soon bring the material into your mouth to build better dental implants and help fight gum disease.

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Glass scaffolds help heal bone

By Jim Destefani / August 6, 2013

Porous, robocast glass scaffolds produced by scientists at Missouri University of Science and Technology not only bear significant weight but have been shown to promote bone ingrowth. Credit: B.A. Rupert/MS&T. Invention of the original 45S5 Bioglass in the late 1960s marked a watershed moment in the history of biomedical engineering. The material’s ability to bond…

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Berkeley Lab, Imperial College make progress on strong glass scaffolds for bone repairs

By / October 13, 2011

3D visualization of the sintered 6P53B glass scaffolds using the Advanced Light Source’s synchrotron X-ray microcomputed tomography (left and top right) and a corresponding scanning electron microscopy image (bottom right). Credit: LBL. Researchers in the glass and ceramics field seem to be stepping up the search for materials and fabrication techniques that can deliver strong,…

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