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Sachs’ Law

GE expands on thin-film solar, becomes near-term grid parity believer

By / June 1, 2011

CdTe array. Credit: NREL. For the first time that I am aware of, it General Electric seems to have jumped on the Sach’s Law bandwagon and decided that solar power very soon will be competitive with fossil fuel and nuclear energy sources. In a recent interview with Bloomberg News, GE’s global research director, Mark M.…

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1366 continues to draw interest of investors, DOE

By / December 21, 2010

Ann’s earlier post regarding the accelerating drop in costs in 2009 and 2010 for installed photovoltaic solar energy systems general jibes with the estimates by Emanual Sachs, of 1366 Technologies/MIT. Sachs predicts that “manufacturing innovations in silicon PV will decrease costs by 10% per year through 2020, at which point solar electricity becomes cheaper than coal”…

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