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scanning transmission electron microscopy

Distorted reality: Revolving electron microscopy divulges material’s innermost atomic secrets

By April Gocha / February 17, 2015

Researchers at North Carolina State University have pioneered a new imaging method that is allowing them to peer inside a material’s atomic organization to precisely map the location of distortions, a unique perspective that is allowing them to see how those distortions affect the material’s properties.

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Ceramics and glass business news this week

By / July 8, 2011

New JEOL large angle EDS. Credit: JEOL. Here’s what we are hearing: Horiba Scientific offers new instruments for partical analysis The new SZ-100 series instruments analyze key particle physical properties including size and zeta potential. In addition, it can be used to determine protein and polymer molecular weight, and second virial coefficient (A2). Particle size…

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3-D images provide insight to biomineralization process

By / December 28, 2009

Materials scientists continue to try to understand how biological systems are able to create superior crystalline materials such as the calcite found in sea shells, sea urchin spines and even algae. One group of these biomineralization investigators is led by Lara Estroff, a Cornell University assistant professor of materials science and engineering. She and her…

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