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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By Eileen De Guire / May 28, 2013

Discovery by U. Arkansas physicists furthers understanding of superconductivity, show Zhang-Rice singlet state in different class of materials Physicists at the University of Arkansas have collaborated with scientists in the United States and Asia to discover that a crucial ingredient of high-temperature superconductivity could be found in an entirely different class of materials. “The recent finding…

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Tailored piezoelectric nanostructures via “soft template infiltration”

By / February 23, 2012

SEM images of the PZT nanotube arrays, all with outer diameters of approximately 100 nanometers. The hexagonal patterns are approximately three microns wide. Credit: Ashley Bernal and Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb. Investigators at the Georgia Institute of Technology have demonstrated a promising new manufacturing process to form piezoelectrically active ferroelectric nanotubes, based on lead zirconate titanate, and…

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Novel electrochemical strain microscopy developed to study Li-ion movement

By / September 14, 2010

According to a press release, Oak Ridge researchers have developed a new type of scanning probe microscopy called electrochemical strain microscopy that examines the movement of Li-ions through a battery’s cathode material. The research, “Nanoscale mapping of ion diffusion in a lithium-ion battery cathode,” is published in Nature Nanotechnology. Results were achieved by applying voltage…

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Band excitation scanning probe microscopy innovation earns award for ORNL, Asylum

By / August 17, 2010

A 15 X 15 micron BE acoustic force microscopy scan of a polymer blend from which the Q-factor has been extracted.Contrast can be seen between the different constituent materials. The graph, right, indicates the average transferfunctions over the regions indicated by blue and red dots on the map. The Microscopy Society of America’s magazine, Microscopy…

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Group shows hysteretic behavior of ferroelectric materials changes at nanoscale

By / May 20, 2010

A collaborative group of researchers from Oak Ridge National Lab, Penn State, the Univ. of Sheffield (U.K.) and EPFL (Switzerland) have made a discovery that overturns some 100-year-old assumptions about the behavior of polycrystalline and other ferroelectric materials. In brief, the nonlinear materials responses and associated enhanced electromechanical properties that occur at the microlevel stop…

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