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Berkeley area group: Evidence mounts that ‘pseudogap’ is distinct phase in superconducting materials

By / March 25, 2011

New evidence from studies of Bi2201 (crystal structure inset) along the temperature range shown in green strongly supports the idea that the pseudogap is in fact a distinct phase of matter that persists into the superconducting phase. If so, the T* phase transition must terminate in a quantum critical point (Xc) at zero temperature. Credit:…

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Bismuth-telluride discovery brings spintronics devices closer

By / July 7, 2009

Researchers at the DOE’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University think they have a nifty new material that could unleash a new generation of spintronics applications, providing quicker and more efficient computer chips. According to the SLAC and SU researchers, the material – a bismuth–telluride compound, Bi2Te3 – works as a topological insulator. The…

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