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Video of the week: Ultracapacitor buses in Shanghai

By / October 21, 2009

Following up on yesterday’s post about a demonstration of a small version of these buses that going on today in Washington, DC, here is a video that explains some of the general concepts and benefits. The video also shows some of them in service in Shanghai. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide much information about the actual…

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Ultracapacitor bus to be demonstrated in DC tomorrow

By / October 20, 2009

Sinautec Automobile Technologies says tomorrow it will showcase on American University’s campus in Washington, DC., a small bus that the company claims is “America’s first ultracapacitor electric vehicle.” The eleven-seat minibus, powered only by ultracapacitors, can be recharged by a mobile recharging unit that combines large photovoltaic array and a vertical wind turbine. Sinatec says…

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