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Diffraction limit no match for this Slinky-shaped hyperlens

By Stephanie Liverani / June 17, 2015

Engineers at the University at Buffalo in New York have developed a Slinky-shaped metamaterial hyperlens that overcomes the diffraction limit so scientists can see even the tiniest objects at a resolution sharper than ever before.

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Eileen’s five fave CTT posts in 2012 (and her liberal interpretation of the number five)

By Eileen De Guire / December 31, 2012

Background image: Molten glass. Credit: Michael Germann; Peter and I thought it would be fun to share our five favorite posts from 2012. Finding that choosing only five was nigh impossible, I decided to sort my picks into three categories, which instantly grew my budget to 15 stories! External forces Advances in science and…

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Friday fun video—Gravity-defying Slinky

By Eileen De Guire / June 29, 2012

Is the gravity still turned on? A free falling Slinky appears to defy the laws of physics. Or does it? Credit: You Tube. This video (about 6 minutes) of a free falling Slinky shot with a high-speed camera makes it look like the Slinky is floating in air before falling. In the first minute of…

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