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Smart materials get SMARTer: Self-powered, homeostatic nanomaterials that actively self-regulate in response to environmental change

By / July 13, 2012

This is a schematic of the temperature-regulating SMARTS displaying a C-M feedback loop, in which mechanical action of T-responsive gel is coupled with an exothermic reaction. The sideview schematic and top-view microscope images depict “on-off” states of the reaction in the top layer. Credit: Laboratory of Joanna Aizenberg, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.…

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Materials stories that may also be of interest

By / August 5, 2011

Check ’em out: Low-cost system spots failing bridges; new sensor technology helps make bridges safer Rice University researchers ‘armchair’ nanotubes could improve power grid’s efficiency Russia offers Germany help on rare earths supply Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies invents heat-regulating building material GE Lighting acquires Lightech, a technology leader in LED drivers and $10 million and GE…

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