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Report released on state-by-state fuel cell activities

By Eileen De Guire / June 17, 2011

Praxair hydrogen fueling station at LAX. Credit: Fuel Cells 2000. Fuel Cells 2000 has just released its latest report, “State of the States: Fuel Cells in America,” (pdf) which is available free from their website. The 106-page report was assembled by the Washington-based nonprofit organization from public records, websites and communication with state and industry…

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Planar anode-supported fuel cells

By / August 18, 2009

Via the Nanowerk website, we get a story about efforts by the Institute of Energy Research at the German Research Center Jülich (FZJ) to deal with some of the practical problems in developing solid oxide fuel cells for application in advanced power stations. As with many other groups working on SOFCs, FZJ’s recent focus has…

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NanoDynamics gets DOE boost for 400-watt SOFC

By / September 16, 2008

Buffalo, New York’s NanoDynamics Energy is at the receiving end of a nice DOE grant to continue development a 400-watt solid oxide fuel cell fuel by hydrogen, methane gas and related biogases. The $2.4 million contract allows NanoDynamics to scale-up their technologies from previous 20-watt+ prototypes SOFCs running on biogas, and develop efficient manufacturing techniques.

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ORNL confirms Spaniards’ ionic conductivity ‘superhighway’ that may boost SOFCs

By / September 15, 2008

Investigators at the Oak Ridge National Lab have confirmed startling characteristics in a solid electrolyte material we reported on several weeks ago, one that should allow solid oxide fuel cells to operate at temperatures hundreds of degrees lower than what is currently possible and boost the practicality of solid-oxide fuel cells. To recap, a research…

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