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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By / September 27, 2011

Check ’em out: Profile of the Department for Nanostructured Materials at the Jozef Stefan Institute (Slovenia): An evolution of a ceramics department Study indicates that titanium oxide nanoparticles cause brain damage in fish Molycorp falls as JPMorgan cuts rating on rare-earth decline Researchers develop new class of energy-storage device – a “surface-mediated cell” – that has…

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2011 ‘Solar Decathlon’ building, materials innovation contest names student teams

By / April 15, 2010

The DOE just release the names of the 20 teams (some from multiple schools) who will be competing in next year’s Solar Decathlon that will take place in Washington, D.C., in the fall 2011. Every two year, selected teams get an opportunity display some remarkable approaches to energy-efficient construction, appliances and use of novel materials.…

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Video of the week: aerogel insulation hits housing market

By / February 2, 2010

[flash mode=1 f={image=/ceramictechtoday/wp-content/video/aspen_aerogel_demo.jpg}] GreenTech reported that some aerogel companies are offering thin blankets that serve as replacements for traditional fiberglass, foam or cellulose insulation. It’s still more expensive upfront but the costs have fallen to the point that it can make sense in certain cases, particularly masonry or curved walls. The video posted above…

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