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Spin-Seebeck effect

Researchers one step closer to new kind of thermoelectric ‘heat engine’

By / July 13, 2012

Researchers at Ohio State University have discovered how to magnify a quantum mechanical effect that converts heat into a special kind of electrical current. In this artist’s rendering, a polarized electron (center) travels through a semiconductor crystal inside a magnetic field. The spheres surrounding the electron are atoms within the crystal. Heat particles called phonons…

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ARO report on materials with spin-mediated thermal properties and call for additional research toward thermoelectrics

By / June 8, 2012

Credit: Nature. Contributed by Pani Varanasi, Program Manager, Physical Properties of Materials, Materials Science Division, Army Research Office: Thermal transport in materials by phonons and electrons is relatively well understood as compared to heat transport in materials by spin excitations (i.e., thermal conductivity in materials due to magnons). Although high thermal conductivity due to magnons has been observed…

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