NSF opens new contest—’Innovation in Graduate Education Challenge’

By Eileen De Guire / March 15, 2013

I Graduate students talk. NSF wants to listen. Were these students at the recent ICACC student mixer discussing ways to improve their career preparation, or were they just making dinner plans? If the former, they should know about the NSF contest, which includes cash prizes—enough to buy a lot of dinners. Credit: ACerS. Much ink…

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NSF launches new Career-Life Balance Initiative, workplace flexibility policies

By Kristen Brosnan / October 4, 2011

Credit: P. Wray; ACerS Last Monday the White House and National Science Foundation announced a new 10-year plan to increase workplace flexibilities to support American scientists and their families. One of the benefits discussed in this announcement is being able to delay or suspend grants for up to one year after a birth or adoption…

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Alfred U. to target leadership development with new E-LEAD scholarships for engineering students

By / March 31, 2011

Alfred University High Temp Lab. Credit: Rick McLay; Alfred Univ. Using $570,000 in NSF seed money, Alfred University’s Inamori School of Engineering and the school’s Division of Student Affairs are launching an innovative leadership program for engineering students. The program, called Engineering Leadership Education and Development, will begin as a five-year program to identify and work with…

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Carbon cycle? Yeah, I’ve seen some of those in the Tour de France

By / January 7, 2011

I think it’s unfair and wrong to use this study as a generational critique of teenage/young adult knowledge. Indeed, I am pretty sure that this is also the same knowledge level as nearly everyone in my neighborhood, young or old. From the Michigan State press release, emphasis added: Most students did not truly understand the…

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