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Apple’s gold made stronger with ceramics

By Jessica McMathis / March 15, 2015

The gold in Apple’s watch is far from pure: The alloy is actually one-quarter ceramic reinforcement that makes the gold “twice as hard,” more scratch resistant, and less dense.

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Good holiday reading: Wired’s ‘Glass Works: How Corning created the ultrathin, ultrastrong material of the future’

By / November 21, 2012

Gorilla Glass bend test. Credit: Corning Inc. I meant to write a post about this several weeks ago when Wired first published this (free) online story by Bryan Gardiner, but it got lost in my “to do” list. Fortunately, I have been working my way through my backlog and realized that this story is still available…

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Jobs: Nunc ad astra

By / October 5, 2011

Me: Ran into my first Macintosh in a store and thought what it could do in Draw was mesmerizing. Bought my first Mac in ’85 to while away the time while convalescing. My three- and seven-year-old daughters (at the time) got the knack of the mouse and drawing paradigms in about 2 hours. Printed my…

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