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Sandia, SunPower to cooperate on PV-to-grid modeling and tool development

By / July 30, 2010

Sandia National Lab and SunPower Corp. say they have reached a new agreement on research into integrating utility-scale solar energy systems into the national electrical grid. Although a news release about this new cooperative research and development agreement only mentions photovoltaic systems, I have to imagine that might have been a mistake since it would…

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24% PV efficiency

By / June 25, 2010

Good for SunPower. This 24% efficiency was reached in a large silicon PV wafer, not just a test unit a lab.

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Nitride with silicon: solar cells with 30% efficiency?

By / September 30, 2009

A Phoenix company said it has created a hybrid solar cell that pairs a gallium-nitride thin film with typical silicon-based PV technology to produce a single unit it claims can achieve an efficiency of 25 percent to 30 percent. RoseStreet Labs Energy announced the prototype cell Monday, and it expects to start commercial production late…

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