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Clearly advancing: Multiple teams develop technologies to 3-D print high-quality, microstructured glass

By April Gocha / May 4, 2017

Two new papers, one published in Nature and one in Advanced Materials, describe 3-D printing techniques that use silica nanoparticle inks—rather than molten glass itself—to to fabricate optically clear glass components with micrometer-scale resolution, a huge leap forward for the integration of glass materials into additive manufacturing.

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Previews from the Intl. Journal of Applied Glass Science—February 2012

By Eileen De Guire / February 29, 2012

New papers that have been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Applied Glass Science are posted to “Early View” on the Wiley website and can be read even before the issue is printed. Below are summaries of selected papers currently available via Early View. All members of The American Ceramic Society receive free…

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