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Get flexible: Georgia Tech group shows how to ‘draw’ nano-sized ferroelectric structures on plastic substrates

By / July 20, 2011

Georgia Tech researchers display samples of materials on which ferroelectric nanostructures have been fabricated by thermochemical nanolithography. Graduate research assistant Yaser Bastani (left) with silicon, assistant professor Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb with polyimide and postdoctoral fellow Suenne Kim with glass. (Credit: Gary Meek, Georgia Tech.) “We can directly create piezoelectric materials of the shape we want, where…

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Researchers achieve ‘printing’ of graphene nanostructures, nanocircuits

By / June 16, 2010

A group of researchers representing several institutions report in Science they have gained new abilities to “print” graphene oxide-based nano-scale replacements for IC wiring and some semiconductor devices using a method that employs an atomic force microscope to act as a printer head do the detailed work of tuning the conductivity of the material in…

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