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Another step towards practical superinsulation? Cabot launches new aerogel additives for coatings

By / March 29, 2011

Cabot’s Enova 3110 aerogel particles. Credit: Cabot. In my mind, the holy grail for thermal insulation is a practical (i.e, inexpensive and easy to use) product that incorporates silica-based aerogel, and, at first glance, Cabot’s new Enova line of aerogel particles appears to be a step in the right direction. Bulk silica aerogel is a…

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Video of the week: aerogel insulation hits housing market

By / February 2, 2010

[flash mode=1 f={image=/ceramictechtoday/wp-content/video/aspen_aerogel_demo.jpg}] GreenTech reported that some aerogel companies are offering thin blankets that serve as replacements for traditional fiberglass, foam or cellulose insulation. It’s still more expensive upfront but the costs have fallen to the point that it can make sense in certain cases, particularly masonry or curved walls. The video posted above…

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