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Friedman: ‘Dammit, you’re not dreaming enough!’

By / March 9, 2010

Like shootin’ fish in a barrel. Me, six days ago: Prediction: Tom will state that Bloom Energy changes everything! Today from Friedman: Several months ago, though, Sridhar took me into the parking lot behind Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters and showed me the inside of one of his Bloom Boxes, the size of a small shipping…

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Friedman says the solar problem is . . .

By / September 17, 2009

Well, actually it is quite hard to tell what NYT columnist Thomas Friedman is saying about the solar industry. Like a lot of what he writes, his latest worry-fest is profound, yet kinda stupid. His “woe-is-us” premise is that the United States is the font of solar energy technology (not exactly true, although in this…

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