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Celebrate National Nanotechnology Day with a brief look at the latest big discoveries on a small scale

By April Gocha / October 7, 2016

Nanotechnology deals with all things science on the nanoscale—that’s on the order of 10^–9. Which is why this Sunday, 10/9, is National Nanotechnology Day. Here are some of the latest small-scale science discoveries that are sure to make a big impact.

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Graphene could be key to high-efficiency flexible OLEDs in next-gen consumer electronics

By Stephanie Liverani / June 10, 2016

Researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) developed what they say is an ideal electrode structure composed of graphene and layers of titanium dioxide and conducting polymers that could lead to highly efficient, flexible consumer electronics.

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Cadmium oxide nanofibers show better performance in photovoltaic cells

By / January 5, 2010

The Iranian researchers at the Materials and Energy Research Center managed to produce nanofibers from cadmium oxide which look promising for application in gas sensors and photovoltaic cells. The findings were published in the Chemical Engineering Journal. “Given the wide applications of cadmium oxide in gas sensors, photovoltaic cells, and transparent electrodes as well as…

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