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Video of the week: 3D printing of bone-like scaffolds

By Eileen De Guire / December 1, 2011

Professor Susmita Bose uses 3D printing to make bone-like scaffolds from tricalcium phosphate. Credit: Washington State University; YouTube. We’ve written several posts recently on additive manufacturing of ceramics for heavy manufacturing (investment casting molds) and artistic designs (espresso coffee cups). New work by a Washington State University group further demonstrates the utility of rapid manufacturing…

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Fraunhofer employs laser in new tricalcium phosphate rapid bone replacement method

By / June 25, 2010

Researchers at Fraunhofer’s Institute for Laser Technology say they are getting excellent results from a bone replacement system that uses a paste of polyactide (PLA) and tricalcium phosphate that is melted by a fine laser to build up layers of material that can provide a strong and precise fit. This new approach was developed under…

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