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Perovskite structure photovoltaics key to new solar-cell production process

By Jessica McMathis / February 20, 2014

Engineers at UCLA have discovered an innovative process that uses photovoltaic materials in the production of “highly efficient” solar cells.

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Other materials science stories that may be of interest

By / July 30, 2012

An artist’s representation of the proposed on-chip laser design, created via transfer printing of photonic crystal between layers of silicon nanomembrane. Credit: Hongjun Yang. Check ’em out: Printed photonic crystal mirrors shrink on-chip lasers down to size Electrical engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Texas at Arlington have devised a new laser…

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ARPA-E awards $37.3M for disruptive thermal storage innovations, materials

By / October 13, 2011

Abengoa, designer of novel concentrating solar power towers, is a participant in several new ARPA-E funded projects for storing thermal energy. Credit: Abengoa Last week Eileen reported on ARPA-E’s new awards in rare-earth alternative technologies. This week I thought I would take a look at APRA-E’s $37.3 million initiative to find a disruptive thermal storage…

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5 new research sites to be built with $50M in NIST grants

By / October 5, 2010

Architect’s drawing of the planned Western Institute of Nanotechnology on Green Engineering anMetrology at UCLA. Credit: Stenfors Associates Architects. NIST waded through over 100 proposals over the past few months and has now approved proposals and funding for five new scientific research facilities, including two that will concentrate on nano technologies The institute will give…

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Printable supercapacitors

By / May 11, 2009

A UCLA team has reported in Nano Letters that it has “printed” a supercapacitor for the first time. The group, led by George Grüner, accomplished their feat by spraying carbon nanotubes onto paired sheets of film separated by a gel electrolyte. Each sheet acts a charge collector. News about Grüner’s work started appearing in 2007,…

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Three selected for national hypersonic centers

By / March 31, 2009

NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate and the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Office of Scientific Research have tapped the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Texas A&M University in College Station and Teledyne Scientific & Imaging LLC of Thousand Oaks, Calif. to be the nation’s hypersonic science centers. The new centers will focus on Mach 5 aircraft…

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Oddest announcement of the last few weeks: Peeling tape can emit X-rays

By / November 14, 2008

Maybe a newly rediscovered property of Scotch tape is the reason the 3M company has been doing better in the last few months than the rest of the stock market. The discovery/rediscovery, as reported in Nature, is that when you peel adhesive tape off its roll in a vacuum chamber, it emits some strong X-rays.…

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