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Freestanding perovskite films reach a new low

By Lisa McDonald / June 18, 2019

Must perovskite oxide films consist of a minimum number of layers to retain stability? Researchers in China and the United States found a specific deposition technique lets them deposit freestanding perovskite sheets thinner than a suggested critical limit.

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LED disposal safety questioned

By / February 28, 2011

Credit: Piccolo Namek, Wikipedia. I really had intended to give the topic of LEDs a rest for a while. But while catching up on some reading, I came across a story suggesting that, while LEDs have performance advantages over incandescents and CFLs, one can’t assume that LEDs are free from disposal problems. In fact, the…

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3D ceramographic entries a hit at MS&T’09

By / November 6, 2009

Each year, the ACerS Basic Science Division sponsors a ceramographic competition at the Society’s Annual Meeting. The competition’s top award is the Roland B. Snow Award, presented to the Best of Show winner of the competition. All of this year’s entries went on display at the recent MS&T’09 conference in Pittsburgh where they wowed the…

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