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Decking the claws—Majoid crabs adorn their surfaces with colorful ‘ornaments’

By Faye Oney / December 26, 2017

Humans aren’t the only species who like to decorate. Camposcia retusa, a species of Majoid crabs, decorates itself to hide from predators. Researchers are observing their behavior to learn what physical and environmental factors drive their decorating behavior.

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Bill proposes incentives to overhaul, strengthen engineering programs at US universities

By Jessica McMathis / September 4, 2014

What are lawmakers in Washington doing to ensure that manufacturing remains a focus of economic recovery and revitalization? For one, they’re backing a bipartisan bill that helps strengthen engineering programs at learning institutions across the nation to meet the growing demands—and challenges—of manufacturing in the 21st century.

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$60 million in DOE support aimed at advancing solar technology

By Jim Destefani / November 7, 2013

The US Department of Energy last week announced awards totaling about $60 million to support innovative solar energy research and development of both solar materials to improve efficiency and so-called “soft” costs such as solar photovoltaic system design, permitting, and installation.

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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By Eileen De Guire / March 19, 2013

Bio for nano: Engineers work to create new biomaterials with energy technology applications University of Delaware materials science professors Darrin Pochan and Kristi Kiick are taking a new approach to building new nanomaterials from biomolecules—namely peptides and proteins—that could increase the efficiency of photovoltaics, and other electronic devices. “Peptides and polypeptides offer unlimited potential in…

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Trucking solar energy—U. Delaware team dissociates zinc oxide in solar reactor to make ‘solar fuel’

By Eileen De Guire / February 18, 2013

Schematic diagram of one tile of solar reactor. Fifteen tiles arranged in a funnel shape comprise a solar reactor capable of reaching temperatures approaching 2,000 K, enough to dissociate zinc oxide. Zinc vapor is collected and condensed into micro- and nanoscale particles. Through hydrolysis, the zinc particles split water molecules and generate hydrogen. Credit: Prasad;…

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New NIST-led consortium aims to improve process for making ‘soft materials’

By / July 13, 2012

(Editor’s note: Eileen and I are traveling and preparing for the International Ceramics Congress that begins this weekend, so we had to put our normal writing on hold for a little bit. In place of our usual posts, we are bringing you a variety of good stories and videos issued prepared by various institutions. Look…

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Other materials science stories that may be of interest

By / July 3, 2012

Georgia Tech researchers pose with a computer model of graphene oxide’s structure and the chemical species that become part of it. Shown are (l-r, first row) Elisa Riedo and Suenne Kim, (l-r, second row) Angelo Bongiorno, Claire Berger and Si Zhou. Credit: Gary Meek, Georgia Tech. Take a look: Metastable material: Study shows availability of…

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Video: On Bloom Energy’s new East Coast SOFC plant and massive Delaware deal

By / April 30, 2012

Credit: Katie Fehrenbacher, GigaOm. Bloom Energy is making a big push to establish a foothold along the Eastern Seaboard. Today, Bloom is holding a ground-breaking ceremony a its new “Bloom Box” solid oxide fuel cell manufacturing plant in Newark, Delaware, at a site that was once a Chrysler assembly plant (Bloom’s other manufacturing is in…

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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By / March 26, 2012

Hey, take a look: Berkeley Lab study shows significantly higher potential for wind energy in India than previously estimated A new assessment of wind energy in India by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has found that the potential for on-shore wind energy deployment is far higher than the official estimates — about 20-times and up to…

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‘Soft’ Ceramic Armor

By / April 9, 2009

This video is meant to show there is more than one way to skin the ceramics-as-armor cat.

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