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DOE invests for “most advanced wind turbine in the world”

By / October 18, 2009

Secretary Steven Chu announced new investments in wind energy research facilities that aim to produce the most advanced and efficient wind turbines in the world. The funding is from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and the research will focus on improving both land-based and offshore wind generation. $24 million will support university research and…

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Video of the week: ‘Bridge-in-a-backpack’ construction

By / October 14, 2009

As discussed in Ann’s post from yesterday, this video shows the building of the Neal Bridge in Pittsfield, Maine, and illustrates the glass-carbon fiber–concrete tube technology pioneered by the University of Maine’s Advanced Engineered Wood Composite Center. Although this construction could be adapted to nearly any size, in this case the bridge has a foundation…

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Maine’s manicotti bridge

By / October 13, 2009

The New York Times has a report on a candidate for the ‘bridge of the future” title: the Neal Bridge in Pittsfield, Maine, that has a foundation of 23 hollow carbon- and glass-fiber fabric arches, filled with concrete. These are 12-inch-diameter tubes that have been inflated, bent to the proper shape and stiffened with a…

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