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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By Lisa McDonald / February 27, 2019

Solar-powered supercapacitors, extracting liquid silicate from waste glass, and other materials stories that may be of interest for February 27, 2019.

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GOMD ‘dream team’ attends Society of Glass Technology centenary celebration in the UK

By Eileen De Guire / September 22, 2016

The Society of Glass Technology in the United Kingdom celebrated its 100th anniversary in September, and approximately 40 ACerS Glass and Optical Materials Division members were there to take part in the festivities.

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ICG Summer School 2016 draws strong international turnout for intensive glass course

By Stephanie Liverani / August 31, 2016

The 8th International Commission on Glass Summer School program took place in July in Montpellier, France, and it drew a strong turnout—36 participants from 10 countries gathered for the program’s intensive glass course.

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Ceramics as creative and integrative air pollution solutions

By April Gocha / May 31, 2014

Some interesting ceramic initiatives are now popping up to help clean the existing polluted air, using clever materials and integrative designs to help us all breathe easier.

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Other materials science stories that may be of interest

By / October 1, 2012

You probably already know there is some really interesting stuff going on in the materials field. Here is some of the latest: Project aims to convert waste into construction materials A project in Europe aims to convert urban and agricultural waste into high-performance products for the construction sector. These materials will be developed within the…

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News from the glass and refractory worlds

By P. Carlo Ratto / September 16, 2012

• University of Sheffield researchers have shown that glass could be a better method for long-term storage, transport and disposal of intermediate level nuclear waste. ILW makes up more than three quarters of the volume of material destined for geological disposal in the UK (One of the present preferred methods is to encapsulate ILW in…

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Ptychography – High resolution microscopy using mathematics instead of lenses

By Eileen De Guire / March 17, 2012

Ptychography is a new approach to microscopy that eschews lenses. Instead, diffraction patterns are collected and reconstructed using algorithms that work backwards to create the image. In this example, the image on the left is a visible light diffraction pattern of a lily anther. The raw data is reconstructed into the image on the right.…

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