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Gain a winning smile with glass-ceramics

By Lisa McDonald / January 22, 2019

Glass-ceramic dental crowns offer better aesthetics than conventional ceramics, but are not as strong. Researchers in Sweden developed a glass-ceramic that is both aesthetic and strong.

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Organic, ecofriendly, and recyclable: Pine resin and alfalfa-based battery could have more than nine lives

By Jessica McMathis / November 3, 2014

Researchers at Sweden’s Uppsala University have developed an alternative to the lithium battery—an alfalfa and pine resin-based organic battery that can be recycled and recovered.

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‘Impossible’ material has record-breaking surface area, adsorption

By Jim Destefani / July 24, 2013

Researchers from Uppsala University’s Nanotechnology and Functional Materials Division, Sweden, have developed a novel magnesium carbonate material with world record breaking surface area and water adsorption properties, according to this news release. Dubbed Upsalite, the ordinary-looking material in the photo above (credit: Disruptive Materials) should have multiple applications ranging from moisture control for electronics and pharmaceutical…

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Green algae harnessed to make paper-based batteries

By / September 11, 2009

A press release from Uppsala University, Sweden, claims that a group of researchers at the Ångström Laboratory have discovered that the distinctive cellulose nanostructure of Cladophora algae can serve as an effective coating substrate for use in environmentally friendly batteries. The findings have been published in an article in Nano Letters. “These algae has a…

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