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Not so inert after all—noble gas defects generated in nanodiamonds

By Lisa McDonald / June 11, 2019

Researchers from the University of Washington, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory found noble gases—usually considered inert—can be incorporated into the diamond lattice during HPHT synthesis of nanodiamonds.

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Sintering smaller grains to build stronger ceramics

By April Gocha / May 8, 2018

Researchers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory have hit a new low—while their previous work with environmentally controlled pressure assisted sintering achieved grain sizes as small as 28 nm, they now report grain sizes of just 3.6 nm.

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California fried chicken? Super solar plant singes wings and blinds pilots with its 300,000-plus mirrors

By Jessica McMathis / May 12, 2014

The bright lights of Las Vegas have long lit up the desert. But a new solar power plant near the California-Nevada border—the largest on the planet—is providing new illumination in the midst of the Mojave.

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Novel ceramic could conduct heat better than diamond

By Jim Destefani / August 16, 2013

Local temperature increases occurring as a result of current flow in active regions of electronic devices can lead to decreased performance. Materials with high thermal conductivity are used to conduct heat away from the hot regions. (Credit: US Naval Research Laboratory.) The ability of ceramics to withstand high temperatures is one of their most well…

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