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van der Waals forces

Graphene temporary tattoos offer potential for mobile health monitoring, human machine interfaces, and more

By April Gocha / August 8, 2017

A team at the University of Texas at Austin has developed a wearable electronic sensor that incorporates wonder material graphene, allowing the temporary tattoo-like sensor to measure electrical activity from the heart, muscles, brain, and more.

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Can your pet help design better materials?

By April Gocha / August 20, 2014

Nature inspires intelligently designed materials—and when it comes to stickiness, gecko toes are the gold standard for the design of better materials. But how does science explain their ability to walk on walls?

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Friction forces offer new tool in carbon nanotubes

By / September 15, 2009

Publishing in Nature Materials this week, researchers report measuring different friction forces when a carbon nanotube slides along its axis compared to when it slides perpendicular to its axis. The findings provide a better understanding of fundamental friction issues. Besides clarifying the forces acting on nanotubes, these investigations may offer a new tool for assembling…

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