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Volvo C30 BEV

Volvo begins preparing C30 electric–gasoline-powered fuel cell combo

By / November 5, 2010

At the Paris Motor Show last month, Volvo announced that their C30 electric model was ready for delivery. But, the company is already adding a major new feature – a PEM fuel cell “range extender” with a gasoline reformer – that could put this car above and beyond the rest. First, I should note that…

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Volvo’s electric: sexy, stunning, Swedish

By / September 29, 2009

Volvo Cars is currently evaluating the viability of a fully battery-electric vehicle. This year, Volvo has built and is internally testing a small number of prototype versions of a BEV version of its C30. In addition to focusing on performance and safety, much of the focus is on integration of the electric propulsion system with…

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