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Anything but ordinary: Latest glass innovations report strength surpassing steel, integrated but unobtrusive displays

By April Gocha / November 20, 2015

In addition to the material’s everyday obscurity, glass often isn’t what people think—it’s not the thick and breakable material that most people conjure up when they hear “glass.” Instead, glass is smart. It’s high-tech. And it keeps getting stronger and thinner.

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Europe Union launches aerogel insulation research and commercialization project

By / September 27, 2011

Credit: ARMINES/MINES ParisTech/CEP. A push like this in Europe was bound to happen sooner or later, and part of me thinks it would have been smart for the US, via the DOE, to put about $25 million of ARRA money (ah, the good old days) into something like this.  Yesterday, CORDIS, the European Community Research and…

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